July 31, 2021

Introduction to Hookah Diving

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The place did the name Hookah come from? It is a unusual name for diving tools, probably derived from it is similarities to the old Center-Japanese smoking gadget. The American Heritage Dictionary defines Hookah as, “An Japanese smoking pipe designed with an extended tube passing via an urn of water that cools the smoke as it’s drawn via. Additionally referred to as hubble-bubble, narghile.” Hookahs are water pipes resembling bongs. It has a base, or smoke chamber partially stuffed with water, a bowl containing the tobacco, a pipe related to the bowl and a hose, which connects to a second tube within the pipe which attracts the air out of the smoke chamber. Hookah diving has been round for the reason that mid 1600’s, when Von Guericke developed the primary efficient floor air pump Eastern Ray Shisha Hire.

The hookah system delivers air to divers beneath by way of hoses from a surface-supplied air compressor, moderately than from scuba tanks. One other time period for this system is SSSA, which stands for Sport Floor-Equipped Compressed Air. It isn’t thought-about “scuba” as a result of the air supply is separate from the diver, as a substitute of self-contained. The system makes use of a small gasoline (some electric) powered air compressor that sits on a dock, boat or floating interior tube and provides air by way of hoses with regulators on the finish, to the diver. Old programs have been very giant and hulking. Now, trendy hookah programs are small, comparatively light-weight and float above the divers for the final word expertise in leisure diving. Respected dive retailers carry and service the items and plenty of supply lessons for novice divers. When buying your unit, ensure the store’s workers is educated and that they carry the additional components and provides chances are you’ll must get essentially the most out of your system.

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